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Frivolous Fall Fashion

July 31, 2010

When I interned with Couture, I spent countless hours researching fall trends and looking at  NYC’s 2010 A/W
runway shows to decipher what’s hot for fall and how to translate it from the runway to reality. These are some of my favorite looks – more like a compilation of random fashion photos I have stored in my iPhoto.

1. Layering

Proenza Schouler A/W 2010

Layering usually reminds me of bad middle school trends and the Delia’s catalogue. In 7th grade, it was cool to layer tank tops over long sleeve shirts in the winter, but I probably just looked like an idiot. Needless to say, Proenza Schouler by Jack McCollough and Lorenzo Hernandez exudes cool girl chic. I can’t wait to layer printed mini dresses over long sleeve tissue tees this fall!

TopShop fall lookbook.

Another layering venture – this time much more lingerie inspired.

2. Cranberry

Donna Karan A/W 2010 collection.

Everything about this coat screams perfection! The color, the length, and its cocoon like shape make this a marvelous statement coat to own. 

I don’t think I can afford this coat, so I will be getting a cranberry skirt or a cranberry cashmere cardigan once I find the perfect one.

3. Camel

Chloe by Hannah MacGibbon has done it again with more perfectly quintessential pieces for fall. Camel was seen on all the fashion bigwigs’ runways – from Chloe to Alexander Wang to Michael Kors. The color was inspired by the shade of camel’s fur in England in the early 20th century. A friend of mine rode a camel for 5 days and described it as the longest, most boring, repetitive sex ever. 

Camel IS the new neutral for fall – or maybe it will even be the “new black”. I want to invest in a gorgeous suede jacket in camel or maybe a blazer. 

I’m finally back from Maine. Next post will be lots of Maine photos. My brother and I stuck out a lot in our clothes in the land of LL Bean, lobsters, and Lilly Pulitzer.

What trends are you excited to wear for fall??

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