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Summer at Tiffany

August 10, 2010

Summer at Tiffany is a memoir by Marjorie Hart, about an idyllic summer she and a friend spend working at Tiffany. It is New York City in 1945, when the end of WWII is near. Her story is charming – there are many funny anecdotes and she is scandalized by “lurid” behavior. Throughout the story, she writes home letters to her parents. It is interesting to see the details she omits from her big city life. 

I found the story very sugar-coated and the narrator very naive. She gives readers the impression that the 40’s and the 50’s really were the good ole days, even though they had their fair share of scandal and sexuality. 

It’s an easy and quick read about a charming summer of a college co-ed, but it doesn’t feel real. But, the story also comes chock full of interesting tidbits about Tiffany!

Has anyone else read this book??? What did you think about it? Do any of you have any suggestions for good books to read?

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