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Thrift Saturated

August 21, 2010

It’s great when you throw on an outfit and realized that it is entirely thrifted- except for the earrings and my bag. And also underwear – thrifting for underwear is kinda skeevy too me. The top is the black crop top from the post Thrifting Haul, the skirt is a J Crew via Goodwill ( One button was broken so I took them all off and sewed on cute little gold buttons my grandmother had. J Crew skirts are immaculately constructed – those buttons were sewed on so tightly it took me 5 minutes with a seam ripper to get them all off) I need to stitch the button holes tighter because I replaced them with smaller buttons and now they slip out slightly), multi colored wedges are from Goodwill, but they look very FarylRobin or Sam Edelman or one of those funky shoe brands.

This is also an outfit that looks great standing up, but sitting down it looks super weird. I had to untuck the top and pull the skirt up during dinner so there weren’t awkward skin flashing and buttons gaping.

Awkward myspace angle shot to show the details of the neckline and the earrings.

The photographer does not want to be photographed.

Happy Saturday! I’m going out with an old friend from high school to see more old high school friends in one of my last nights in Nashville EVER.

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