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Pop It, Lock It, Polka Dot It

August 23, 2010

Top:  vintage. Bandage “skirt”: random brand from TJ MAXX. Shoes:  Aldo.

First of all, polka is a strange word. It’s also a Polish (or Eastern European) type of music that uses the accordion and creepy old people love to rock out too.  I started craving polka dots in May, but after much search for the elusive polka dot top that WAS NOT SHEER, I finally found one at Goodwill. And it was dollar day!

Much better than a $14.80 sheer polyester monstrosity from Forever 21 that would fall apart after one washing. This top has been going strong for 20 years! I had to chop out the shoulder pads, but I’ve finally learned how to properly cut them so it doesn’t leave gaping holes on the shoulder seams. 

Also the bandage skirt! It’s not a skirt- it’s really a dress I bought to wear out in Europe right before the bandage craze got huge. My mom wouldn’t buy me a BCBG bandage skirt since I already had the dress, and she told me to just put a top over it. It works if you use a baggy top that’s not sheer. So this is my ghetto rigged bandage skirt.

J Crew esque bracelet I found at Wal- Mart for $3 when I was buying a new straightener.

Random life lessons I’ve learned this week:  My hair looks good straight- hence the new straightener.

 My brother should not get on his knees to take photos. Standing up equals much better angles and makes me look thinner in the grand scheme of things.

Cousin IT, anyone?

Moving back to school in the middle of nowhere. Everyone else is so excited. I’m NOT. I’m more excited about my 21st birthday on Thursday and going out to a speakeasy back in Nashville that weekend.

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