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August 25, 2010

Getting settled into my decently sized room for final year of school in the middle of nowhere. I have lots of floor space for fun activities (Pilates, dancing, crafts,trampolines, maybe even a foosball table). However, my closet is miniscule. Not even a walk in closet- more of like a hole in the wall. And there are random bars everywhere and shelfs all helter skelter instead of one long bar, which would be logical. 

For now it is organized- Dresses in one bar, skirts on another, and tops on the other side with shoes on the floor. I’ve been needing a shoe rack for years.

I also don’t organize my closet by color. Some old magazine said that it minimized creative styling options. Also, I feel like things seem to get lost because they blend much more. Instead I organize it by sweaters, long sleeves and 3/4 length tops, short sleeve tops, tank tops/ sleeveless, then dresses in the same order. It would probably make more sense if I put categorized sleeve length. In my closet at home, skirts and lightweight cardigans and jackets, and one black and one white button up are on the bottom rung for easy access. 

I got the hottest outfit for my birthday party tomorrow! And went jewelry shopping for my birthday in Winchester. I got the most gorgeous ruby earrings ever.

How do you organize your closet???

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