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21’s No Fun

August 28, 2010

Notice the nibble I took out of it. 

Actually it is a lot of fun. My speakeasy plans were thwarted by my group of friends who are flakier than croissants. But we did go out and enjoy margaritas in a glasses that resembled fish bowls. 

The only photo taken of me I found on my camera. I appear to be eating something or just making a ridiculous weird bird face.

I’ve only been ID’d once so far at this sketchy little gas station on the other side of the desolate town I live in by this Indian guy who kept looking at my ID and asking if I was 21. Yes, learn how to do basic math. You would think people who count out change all day had a grasp on simple adding and subtracting. And don’t they even have that calender with If you were born after today’s date you can’t buy stuff for the same reason? 

I wanted some jewelry to commemorate this day. I thought about purchasing a Kenneth Jay Lane piece, instead I went to Whiffenpoofs, in Winchester, TN. This place is so amazing it needs its own post. I’ve gotten amazing necklaces, my favorite pair of gray DEX boots, a Christian Dior dress, beautiful vintage dresses, and crazy cardigans. But this time I only got jewelry. 

Beautiful ruby earrings from India that are cut into a Byzantine esque shape. I totally LOVE these. And they are real… AND HUGE!

This isn’t real, it’s costume jewelry from the 1970’s. It was just so cool and I loved the black cabachons. 

Random word of wisdom:  How to tell if jewelry is fake. Hold it up to a magnet. Read jewelry is not magnetic, but pieces that are gold or silver plated with tin or whatever underneath will be!

Happy Saturday!

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