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Jewelry Trunk Shows

August 31, 2010

One of the perks about working for Couture is that I was able to attend lots of trunk shows and network with designers. This is one of my favorite events I went to this summer. I took pictures from the actual event, but they are lost somewhere in cyber space/ the Couture office.

Chattanooga natives and cousins, Marian and Laura are a dynamic duo. On Thursday July 1, the girls had a trunk show at Nest Interiors in Nashville to show off their jewelry line, McGowan & McClain. The name McGowan & McClain derives from both of the girls’ middle names.  The cousins both studied silver smithing and metal work at separate universities, and came together to start McGowan & McClain almost a year and a half ago.  The girls are beautiful and bubbly, and they love to chat about their innovative jewelry line.

Their pieces focus on textures, especially organic textures found in nature, like a peanut shell turned into a necklace or the texture of a banana peel cast and molded into an exquisite cuff.  McGowan & McClain’s jewelry exudes refined elegance.

(A silver bracelet molded from a banana peel)

Some of their most popular selling pieces are the pearl pocket necklace, because it is simple and can be worn daily. Their banana peel cuffs are extremely popular, along with their beautiful collection of druzy agate jewelry. To view more of their collection, visit their Etsy shop

 (A druzy agate necklace)

For more information about this innovative jewelry line, visit their website.

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