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Outfit Repeats

September 9, 2010

What is an outfit repeat?

I’ve been a bad blogger, especially with my lack of outfit posts. That’s about to change because I finally have my camera tripod and remote. My friend told me it looked creepy to have a tripod in my room and that it looked liked I filmed kinky things. 

I was going to do an outfit post for Monday, but I thought it looked eerily similar to this outfit from July. Even though I switched up the shoes, accessories, and wore a black top, I still felt it conveyed the same look and therefore was an “outfit repeat”. I began way over analyzing outfit repeats instead of anaylzing Act IV and V of Richard the II

Uber hot shoes I wore on Monday. That did not actually cause blisters!

SO what is an outfit repeat? I know a lot of bloggers have distinct styles, and look the same but with different pieces, but what do YOU think actually qualifies as an outfit repeat?

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  1. September 15, 2010 11:19 AM

    lovely dress xxxx

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