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Bandaged Up

September 18, 2010

Military Top:  Marshalls, Skirt: THE BCBG bandage skirt, tee shirt:  Target, Necklace:  vintage from an antique mall, Shoes:  Marc Jacobs.

Obviously I finally got a BCBG bandage skirt and I LOVE it. I was having difficulties pairing it with an outfit for school, so it became me throwing on random things, and finally this combination happened. The olive green top really balances out the hot pink and makes it less Malibu Barbie and more Army Barbie. 

Of course, with such a great outfit one needs the perfect shoes, which calls for the Marc Jacob Mouse flats. I have named them… the left one is Mickey and the right one is Minnie. Old photo of the shoes, becuase outfit photos were taken in a rush- the new episode of 90210 was about to come on, so these were taken at an awkward angle with my new tripod. And my hair was not in that heinous bun all day, and it was in a much cuter heinous bun for the most part.  So most photos came out heinous, and the top photo was the least offense photo to post on a blog. 

My most tremendous apologies about my abandonment of this blog. 20 hours of classes plus a 10 hour office job is really starting to take its’ toll on me. I feel like I never have any free time because I’m constantly reading, working, or trying to learn economic trade theories and accounting principles. Also add in a blog, working out, and trying to spend time with “friends”.

On the friend note, everyone seems to have their real things going on – boyfriends, LSATs, grad school applications, being sorority presidents. They all keep being flaky about plans and it seems like they are almost mocking me, like “Oh, Lexi just blogs and buys clothes all day and doesn’t actually do any real work” which is ridiculously false, I just have really good time management skills. 

Sorry for the mini rant, readers. Be patient with me, it’s going to be a long semester, but I will try for 3 to 4 posts per week.As always, comments, messages, and twitter love are more than appreciated and make me ridiculously happy knowing that someone in Internet land has faith in me.



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  1. September 18, 2010 10:39 AM

    Awesome skirt and shoes!



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