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November 9, 2010

My old flame/intense crush of junior year is back in town. I’m avoiding him like the plague while simultaneously looking dead sexy everywhere I go to try to make him want me. I hate him though, he publicly humiliated me during formal last year. He told me that “I don’t really like you, I just came to get free liquor and food”. Then he called me fat.


So why do I still like him and feel the need for his validation? If he actually apologized and tried to be nice/ kiss me/ who knows what I wouldn’t fall for it. Then why do I want him to want me so bad? I figured out the answer- because I’m insecure and his validation will make me feel slightly better again.

I can’t believe I even though of rekindling that flame for half a second. Even though it could be fun to ravish him. He’s crazy though. We once got into a fight at his frat and he got so angry at me that HE SHATTERED A $2000 GLASS COMPOSITE!

More updates on this situation as the week goes by… Maybe he’ll be my formal date (coinicdentally, its Thursday) and I can be humiliated again and have everyone feel sorry for me!


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