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Missed Connections

December 28, 2010



Whenever I’m back at my mom’s house and in civilization for Christmas and summer breaks, everyday I check Craigslist’s Missed Connections. Its a horrible and self centered hobby- for some reason I think that some guy is going to see me at Fido’s or SATCO or Target or Barnes and Noble and fall madly in love and write a sestina about me online.

WRONG. Its usually old people/weirdos on the Nashville Missed Connections. Even if some cool hipster boy liked me, he wouldn’t be a big enough loser to do a missed connection.

Also, now I’m scared of Craigslist because of all those Lifetime move ads for The Craigslist Killer, where the guy who plays Evan Chambers on ABC Family’s Greek is a murder. Yes, ABC Family has the BEST shows- Make It of Break It, Pretty Little Liars, and Greek. Notice I didn’t say Secret Life because that show makes me cringe and want to be a hardcore feminazi based on how the women on that show act towards men and each other.

Moral of this post- People who post on missed connections are probably freaks/murderers and you should watch ABC family more often.

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  1. December 30, 2010 8:29 AM

    Ok first, I love the fact that you wrote about Missed Connections because my friends that live in NYC love reading it. Second, I also LOVE the fact that you watch Greek because I heart that show, but love Cappy. And third, I am excited to see Evan Chambers play the murderer in the Craigslist killer movie.

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