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January 2, 2011


That flapper inspired dress from Forever 21 was my New Year’s Eve dress, paired with a cranberry cardigan with sequins and black flats. Originally, I was going to recycle a lovely silver Rebecca Beeson dress to wear, but it ripped on the seams when I wore it to the Heaven and Hell party. My mother semi fixed it for me, but she insisted it would rip again, so I got dragged out of my house Thursday for NYE dress shopping, which was a nightmare, until I finally settled on this F 21 number- I think someone featured this on a blog, but I can’t remember who. So thank you blogger, because when I saw this dress hanging on the highest rack there, I knew that it was THE dress. 

Cranberry cardigans are so hard to find. Found one at Kohl’s 0f all places wound up having the best selection of them, which is were I got the sequined one. I might DIY it and remove all the sequins to make it more wearable for day while watching Brick or some other long indie movie. Cranberry/Maroon looks amazing with mauve, peach, blush, or pale pink and the whole outfit really pops. 

In retrospect, 2010 was a weird year for me. Not too much happened to me relationship wise or travel wise, but I think I finally got my life in order in 2010. I ended a 2 year relationship that had been on and off for a while in March. I ended a 7 year friendship with a toxic friend. Weeding out all of these bad people will help 2011 be a great year for me.

Highlights of 2010 include – fashion internship with Couture, starting a blog in June (something I had been wanting to do for over a year), doing pretty well in school, especially in my major (business minor not so much), Maine, building houses in New Orleans for fall break, a few casual flings and hook ups, and all the new designer pieces in my wardrobe from thrifting and Ebay.

2011 should be the best year yet. I’ll finally graduate college and get a real job. As long as I’m doing something I like, I’ll be happy. I have no debt or car payments so living on a meager salary won’t be too bad. I will start dating for real, since Sewanee boys aren’t my type and don’t know how to carry on a friends with benefits relationship if their life depended on it. My life will be fun, unlike the never varying routing it is right now with school.

I’ll post photos from NYE as soon as my friend uploads them.

So carpe diem to 2011, and eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.

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  1. January 2, 2011 6:55 PM

    I absolutely love the flapper look. I was just watching RHOBH where one of the ladies had a 1920s party and all of their outfits were so inspiring.

    Best of luck in 2011! Also amazing that you’re walking away from college without any debt. Definitely keep it up.

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