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A&A Thursday

March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Photo of me and my brother having hat day circa 2009!

The lovely Sydney of The Daybook does a wonderful weekly post called awkward and awesome Thursdays. I thought I’d follow suit because this week has been a world of random happenings.


My car battery has been messing up, so sometimes my car won’t start or it growls for a while and then finally starts. Going to get a new car battery tomorrow.

I spilled some wine in my purse, and it got on my phone. It was fine for a while, but this morning it wouldn’t charge. It’s in a bag of rice right now, but my mom has a Verizon upgrade. I had to agree to carry my phone in a plastic bag from now on when I go out.

I skipped my International Finance class Tuesday and then later ran into my teacher.

Sewanee cell phone service sucks. I was supposed to have a phone interview Tuesday, but my phone clicked out of service, and missed the interview. Hopefully I can reschedule, if not fate is intervening.

Passing out at 11 PM Saturday night at my srat house in Daisey’s bed. (The girl I went to Maine to visit.)

Studying for comps. So much reading in the next few weeks.


Last spring break ever!

Over the past few weeks, I find myself sleeping in random places with my friends. Daisey’s room at KO, Spanish House with Christina, etc.

Being back at my house and having my mother cook steak for me.

Watching DARIA on Logo.

Going shopping for a new bag soon! Maybe I’ll get the Micheal Kors Hamilton. And I need gold hoops, and a white frilly dress to wear when I walk out of comps.

Finally recieving this wonderful Motel skirt. It reminds me of a Christopher Kane piece. I saw it on Frassy and had to get it!

Hanging out with my brother today and making Roots references and new catchphrases (F*****G RUDE and randomly popping out of places and yelling UGLY).

I got a paid marketing internship for the summer in MONTANA!

That was my week in a nutshell. Outfit photos soon because I have my favorite photographer back!

How was your week??

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