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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

March 17, 2011

Senior Photo!

Motel skirt, Kenar silk top, Old leather jacket ???, Ralph Lauren flats, F21 jewelry.

My face looks uber puffy in these photos… I have no idea why.

Confession:  My brother actually styled this outfit for me. I was running behind for our lunch date, still in my jammies and attempting to read Coleridge. He came home from school, and yelled at me. Then he went and picked out this outfit. I would have never picked it out myself. I had planned on wearing the skirt with a black flutter sleeve top and a blazer. This baggy white silk top looks great with that skirt though.

Funny tidbit about the silk shirt- there are some very faint bloodstains on it. I was walking to my friend’s frat with half a bottle of wine in my purse, when somehow the bottle fell out of my bag. It  crashed and broke on the street. Somehow, I cut my hand pretty badly in the process while yelling a slow mo “NOOOOOOOOOOO” really loudly. I was so drunk I didn’t even noticed my hand was bleeding profusely. There was blood on my shirt, and on my head and hair from where I pushed my hair out of my face. I walked into their hosue looking like I had been attacked on the way over.

All spring break I’ve been studying a lot which really sucks. However, I’ve been carving out time for going to lunch with friends,  shopping on occasion, and watching lots of Jeopardy!. I’m behind on my study schedule, so I’ve been playing catch up every day. I need to get back to my workout routine and quit eating burritos for every meal and lots of coffee.

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  1. March 17, 2011 11:39 AM

    Bloodstains are the best accessory!

  2. March 21, 2011 1:44 AM

    Good luck on your midterms!! Love the Motel skirt, great for spring 🙂


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