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Super Freak

July 7, 2011

The US Postal Service has just helped me to be a creeper. Roommate Tavita and I were discussing mailing bananas to random people in Missoula. (You can totally do it, just google it). This led to a discussion of why she had so many stamps. We will be sending bananas to hot boys we intern with. Myke & Ben, you’ve been warned. Then, I asked if it would be creepy to send John (part 2 of the John story) a postcard to his work since I don’t have his home address. If you ask someone for the address they will totally expect mail or a visit. This way its like I’m ninja ing him. 

And this is how it all started.

I was going to a ghost town called Garnet in Montana. I was with Tavita (cool roommate) and annoying roommate and her awkward boyfriend. Annoying roommate always has to be right Which is why Tavita and I failed to inform her she passed the ghost town 20 miles ago. We’d let her figure it out. She has no smart phone or GPS, and neither does her boyfriend. They did not ask us to search for directions. Instead they went 1950 and stopped at a GAS STATION to ask directions. I’m not making this up. However, it was the greatest gas station EVER.


A large cow. In a random gas station that also has taxidermy, along with huckleberry milkshakes. This is also where I got the post card. Also quite possibly my favorite picture ever taken of Tavita and I. She’s walking away and I’m slapping myself with laughter.

The cow in all its glory. 

After the greatest getting lost excursion ever, we finally got to the ghost town. It was hot, and dusty. Ghost towns aren’t what you think they would look like. I envisioned something from a John Wayne movie, not that I’ve ever seen one. Explored the ghost town and had some caramels. Roommate’s boyfriend almost killed us several times with his jerky driving and decision to do donuts while going down a mountain with the windows down. If I don’t die of a car crash or a heart attack, now I have dusty lungs to contend with.

Walter and I enjoying ourselves at the ghost town. Yes, I am wearing a rain jacket while it wasn’t actually raining. Montana gets cold a lot. And it rains a lot, kind of like Seattle. I also forgot to do my eyebrows that day, which is why I look really awkward.

Fast forward 3 weeks later to the postcard I sent John. 

The postcard itself. Note the little man on top of the large cow. 

Here’s the back. Note that I did not sign it, I’m hoping he will know exactly who its from. Also note the disclaimer:  This isn’t creepy at all. It was a dare. The meat cleaver reference is whole nother story for a different day.

I wish I could see his face in a week when he gets it. Despite the expression, it will be priceless. Will it be love, or weirded out, or just plain bemused.  I hope I don’t get an angry message saying, “Never contact me again.”  Also I sent it to his work because I thought it would be that much funnier and awkward for him. Clearly, I’m a cruel person. I hope his coworkers laugh.

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