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Personal Style Evolution

August 14, 2011

Just as the vagaries of fashion change, so do our own personal styles, regardless of whether they are in line with the latest trends. I realized just how much my style has evolved in the past year, and I accredit a lot of it to fashion bloggers like Blair of Atlantic Pacific, Kendi of Kendi Everyday, or Jentine from My Edit Blog. Some of the girls I work with have been commenting on my colorful fashion sense, and they are always shocked when I tell them color has been a recent development for me. I used to live in black, white, gray, with maybe some dark purples and blues on occasion. Now, I’ve embraced color — even bright color like this orange Anthropologie dress and this gamboge Cynthia Vincent dress. I used to shun accessories. Now, I get compliments on my wide range of accessories. Our styles are evolving, whether we are conscious of it or not. Here’s my personal style evolution/a walk down memory lane. 

Freshman year of high school, my style was definitely punky. Lots of black, fishnets, jelly bracelets. etc.  My old family computer crashed and photos of freshman year of high school died along with the computer. 

Sophomore and junior year of high school was aptly described by my brother as my “preppy party girl phase.” This is me at 16. I’m wearing my first pair of 7FAMK jeans. 

Senior year of high school my friend Jenny and I wanted to be “alternative” Basically, we wanted to be Zooey Deschanel clones. This is me at 17, I’m wearing a vintage plaid dress with leggings under it (yes this was when leggings were just coming back into style circa 2006). 

Freshman year of college I got a style uniform. I’ve always loved ballet flats and cardigans, but  it took on a whole new level in college. I wore them with everything, with dresses and tights or skinny jeans and a cute top. Even though this photo was taken during pledgeship and I’m wearing a bib and doing a sobriety test, it’s still an apt representation of what I wore back then.


Sophomore year of college, I discovered fashion blogs. I also discovered Cory Kennedy. Both had an effect on my appearance. I started wearing dresses 3 sizes too big, crazy cardigans, sometimes not brushing my hair, lots of colorful tights. WOW. Not too many outfit photos exist from those days, but I’ll leave you with this messy hair and nerd glasses photo with a red Catherine Malandrino dress. 

Junior year of college was Europe for a semester, and my style started improving a bit. I still wear lots of dresses and cardigans, just now they are more suited to my body type. Also,  I ditched the colored tights, and now I stick with black opaque tights.

Senior year of college was definitely when a major fashion evolution happened. I started wearing jewelry. I started wearing color! I started belting things! I became accessory crazy, and before, I’d always shunned accessories. Now, I’m not really afraid to wear whatever I want to wear. I just put it on, and go for it! I never would have worn that bright of a color combination before!  Reading blogs and semi-blogging has helped me with that.  

In the life after college world, my clothing choices are still evolving, but I’m learning what I like, and what looks good on me, and what doesn’t. I’m enjoying playing with stacking bracelets, color blocking, neon colors. Maybe I’ll even be halfway decent at photographing these looks and blogging about them!

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  1. bonkasaurus permalink
    August 14, 2011 10:28 PM

    You went through quite a transformation. I like your use of color, you are not shy to experiment and thats what makes a great fashion blogger 🙂 i look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    -Bianca at

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