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Skirting the Issue

September 23, 2011

In May, I stumbled upon an Anthropologie skirt at Marshall’s for the unbelievable price of $12.99. I tried it on, and it was cute so of course I bought it. 

The Odille Languid Days skirt, originally $68.

The skirt is weirdly poofy. It makes my hips look big. I’ve tried styling high waisted with a plain black tee shirt tucked in, but it looked like my hips were the size of Nantucket. I’ve tried styling it with a button up and a belt, which was a bit better. I’ve tried styling it with a pink silk top and a belt, but I don’t know if it looked like an awesome or awkward experience in color blocking. I even turned to the Internet for style options, with no avail. This is the only photo of this skirt being styled that I found.

This is a lovely outfit, and that wrap belt helps the skirt to lay flat and decrease its poofiness. However, I don’t own a perfect camel blazer or a wrap belt, and until I get a job (knock on wood) I’m not buying any new clothing unless they are thrifted or a remarkable deal I can’t pass up. Like 90% off at GAP or a $15 Catherine Malandrino dress deal. 

Maybe I can thrift the items needed to recreate this look, but with my string of not good Goodwill days lately, it is doubtful. 

Anyone have any other ideas for how to style this pretty little skirt that is just too poofy for its own good? 

PS:  I’m having a major room clean out, so check out my Ebay page if you want to shop my closet. If you buy/win something message me and tell me you’re a blog reader for 10% off total purchase.  

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