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Cabin Fever

November 26, 2010

I’m home for Thanksgiving break and its SO DULL here. I’m getting cabin fever from not having any interaction with my peers. I think I actually saw the movie Cabin Fever when I was 13. In middle school, I had the BIGGEST crush on Rider Strong (Shawn from Boy Meets World). Is this the movie where the crazy old lady constantly yells PANCAKES? 

Anyways,I wish I had friends here. The former BFF went to Arkansas and chose to spend the night before she left with her boyfriend she sees everyday, instead of her BFF who she hasn’t seen in August. Then crazy girl has the nerve to ask me to rearrange my schedule and leave on Monday instead of Sunday to hang out with her.

I was so bored I even contacted random boys I used to hang out with back in high school. Everyone was out of town/promised they’d call (which they did at 2 AM, but I was about to sleep). I’ve been working on school work! I’ve worked on 2 papers, but it’s difficult to focus here. Why is it so easy to bang out 400 words in a blog post, but it takes forever to write a 3 page mini paper on author Ali Smith’s short story? 

My life is so dull I almost wish something like the horror movie Cabin Fever would happen to me. At least then I would have Rider Strong. 

This dullness here makes me realize how much I need to get out of here, and it gives me motivation to rewrite cover letters, update my resume and make a writing portfolio from my summer internship. Being productive is very taxing. 

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  1. November 27, 2010 4:56 PM

    I just read a couple of your posts and you’re hysterical!

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